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Lifestyle factors that can destroy a woman’s sex drive

 We all know that they are bad for us, we all know that too much of anything is not healthy, yet we still continue filling our bodies with crap…….Do you want a healthy sex life? Well moderate or if you can cut out these silent sex drive killers!

• Smoking Cigarettes

• Marijuana

• Alcoholism

• Lack of exercise

• Dealing with high stress

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If Don’t Need These, Don’t Take Them!

Some medications which are known to affect libido include tranquilizers, cannabis (marijuana), Aropax, Celapram, certain blood pressure medications, citalopram, cipramil, dimetiose, paraxetine, paxtine, paxam, oxetine, gestrinone, narfarelinm talohexal, rivotril, synarel, pexsig and perhexiline.

Alcohol and many illegal drugs (including heroin and cocaine) have also been linked to low libido.

Take a serious look at what you are putting into your body! Did you know that anti-depressants are one of the biggest causes of low libido! Exercise and diet can have the exact save effects as anti-depressants drugs, why would you take a drug proven to reduce sex drive, when all you need to do is change your diet and exercise?

*It is always recommended to speak with Dr prior to starting or when you wish to stop medications!*

Explode Your Sex Drive & Libido Guide

We would love to hear your comments on the FREE guide we sent you:

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What else would help you to unlock your libido?

Your comments are massively important to us, they will help us to help you, so if you have a couple of minutes, please make a comment! We may even offer a prize for the person who’s sex drive has been sparked into overdrive the most!!!!!!!

Overweight, Smokes & Enjoys Drinking!

Did you know that obesity or being severely overweight is one of the leading causes of having a weak sex drive? It’s true, but don’t start moving too fast because being underweight or malnourished can also have the exact same negative effect on you as well. Being underweight has been known to cause problems in your hormone levels making it impossible for you to be at a healthy libido level.

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Communicate & be open especially about sex!

Just ask for what you want. 

A problem in bed should be voiced immediately.

Overtime it makes it impossible. Just finding out that you are willing to talk about the problem, a woman will regain her libido psychologically. You must be positive instead of in a state of negativity.

Usually women have an emotional issue with their partner such as something psychological with something their partner does they don’t like or a relationship problem is something. You have to communicate and she has to tell you what she likes in bed and any emotional problems that she’s having. This is from little things to big things such as what channel to watch and what position in bed.

When she’s unhappy her libido will suffer greatly.

Your attitude determines sexuality.  Since most low libido problems stem from unspoken anger, this will kill your sex drive because it turns into resentment.

This is another reason why you should watch the porn (www.x-art.com appeals to both men and women, it is a classy porn site with tasteful porn!) of your choice to discover exactly what you really like and so should your partner. Once you have a safe environment for talking, you can let your partner know what you are thinking and both of you will get what you want.

Just be upfront and truthful, but always keep in mind your partners feelings.

Small Changes!

I’m going to explain how you can increase your sexual confidence in the privacy of your bedroom by overcoming a self-esteem issue first.

Changing your lifestyle for the better will give you better overall health as well as much more sexual confidence as well.

Get enough sleep. Don’t smoke. Don’t drink to excess. Exercise daily. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

This is the boring old health advice that goes in one ear and out the other most of the time. All those things contribute to better sexual functioning, more sexual self-confidence, weight loss which generally makes people feel more attractive.

A healthy lifestyle is good for both men and women, yes it’s a little dull, but hey, DO YOU WANT YOUR SEX DRIVE BACK??

Sexual Arousal Sparks!

Here’s a quick crash course on how to spark sexual arousal in your woman any and every single time that you’d like.

If you have children, give them to their grandparents, god parents, or the babysitter so that you can go away for the weekend and get rid of the stresses of everyday life.

Try to enjoy yourself  forget about the kids for once and have some “together” time, trust me releasing yourself and enjoying a change of scenery will do your sex drive a world of good! Eat some good food, drink some good wine, get outdoors, enjoy each others company again!

Trust me, my wife and I do this regulary, we head off to a new hotel or restaurant, we check out new cities or countries and guess what, it re-kindles our desire for each other….it makes sex fresh and exciting again!

Libido in women is more of a mind game. Women are more turned on by touch and men by looking at naked women. Women want physical touch in a loving gentle way such as full body-touching and full body massage not just fondling  breasts. Women don’t have the same sex drive as men. Women feel more desired and aroused after sex rather than during or before like men.

For men desire causes sex and for women sex causes desire!

Sexting Into Bed

Here’s how you can spice up your relationship while turning your partner on with fun and flirty text messages.

With all the wonderful technology these days, texting, facebooking or tweeting your partner something a little dirty is a sure fire way to turn them on, and have them racing home ready to get down and dirty :)

Just text your lover “I can’t wait to see you tonight” or perhaps something like “What are you going to be wearing tonight I can’t wait to rip it off”. These little texts or tweets can really get the mood going.

Its gets you and your partner going, it adds an air of anticipation, it gets you thinking sexy thoughts!

However I don’t recommend it if you are at work, you don’t wanna get caught by the boss!

If you want to indulge in some other sexy games as a couple I highly recommend these 100 Great Sex Games I can guarantee just reading these games will get your libido flowing!

10 Minutes Away from Raising Libido

Mr Daniel Reid explains in his book the use of the qigong program that he learned through his travels in Taiwan.

The program is very fundamental but everyone who practices it also finds that it enhances their sexual potency and their sexual function because it’s all a matter of circulation and then getting blood moving on and on and getting the basics.

You do breathing exercises and your endocrine system starts secreting hormones which is exactly what you want. It is similar to tai chi except you take one movement and keep repeating it.

All it is just keeping the body moving, keeping the bodily fluids moving.

Those who practice Qigong found that it enhances their sexual potency and their sexual function.

To find out more about Qigong just head over here – www.qigongfreelessons.com or you can always get a copy of Daniels book here

Just Ask!

Communicating with your partner is a huge libido booster says bestselling author Daniel Reid. Research shows that there’s a massive amount of people that have these issues. The fact that there’s no REAL communication with their partner is the major issue.

You must communicate and be open especially about sex but every area. If not these are reasons why they will meet someone at a bar and have a sexual relationship with them.

Just ask for what you want.

A problem in bed should be voiced immediately. As time goes by it makes it impossible. Just finding out that you are willing to talk about the problem, a woman will regain her libido psychologically. You must be positive instead of in a state of negativity.

Sex Drive Boosters

• oysters • peanuts • DHA-enriched eggs • black pepper • whey protein • wild oats • chocolate • wheat germ • flaxseed oil • garlic

Sex Drive Busters

• alcohol • grapefruits • soy • diet sodas • margarine • cookies • white bread • sugar cereals • sugar-free Jell-O • cakes

Tip Of The Day

Desire is numbed by repetition; eroticism thrives on the mysterious, the novel, and the unexpected......
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